Canada Goose Expedition Parka Review

Extreme cold weather conditions are becoming common in more and more places around the globe, causing more people to familiarize themselves with extreme cold weather parkas and other extreme weather clothing and gear. When it comes to extreme cold – Canadians are the experts, and Canada Goose, a Canadian brand producing extreme cold parkas since 1957, is the leading brand world wide for extreme weather parkas, scarves, jackets and more.

The Canada Goose Expedition Parka was originally produced for scientists who worked in facilities at McMurdo station in Antarctica and is designed to help withstand the most extreme cold conditions with relative comfort and ease. But that’s not to say it does that without style. The Canada Goose Expedition Parka comes is different colors such as white, spirit, tan, black, navy and more. There are also separate models for men and women (Canada Goose Expedition Parka 4645L for the ladies and 4645M for Men). The brand gained such recognition that you see the Parka worn as a status symbol in places where more modest cold weather clothing would suffice.

Here are some of the top features that make the Canada Goose Expedition Parka the choice of polar science expeditions, Canadian rangers and anyone who works in extreme cold weather conditions:

  • 625 fill power white duck down – Fill power represents the isolation level of the down filling. In other words it’s a measurement of the density and amount of real duck down used in fabrication. Fill powers ranges from 150 to about 900. 625 fill power represents very high quality down coat filling level, crucial for proper isolation in extreme cold conditions.
  • Mid-thigh length – providing full body coverage for maximum heat retention.
  • Tunnel shaped hood with real coyote fur – Specifically designed to keep out cold winds when braced.
  • Shell – The Expedition Parka is made of arctic-tech shell, 85 percent polyester and 15 percent cotton, and plain weave nylon lining, both with a water repellent finish to ensure internal dryness in wet conditions.
  • Four front storage pockets – for easy access to gloves/hat/anything to might want to carry with you in Arctic like weather, in addition to two hand-warming zippered pockets with fleece lining
  • Inside, self-folding snow skirt.

Canada Goose spared no resource designing and fabricating this parka as the list above indicates so there is little doubt about it’s effectiveness at keeping you warm. However with such meticulous design and high quality materials it’s no wander that the Expedition parka comes with a rather high price tag. The demand for Canada Goose discount offers and cheap canada goose jackets brought about a wave of fake Canada Goose jackets sold online for suspiciously low prices. You need to watch out for those or you’ll end up with a chicken feather filled low quality jacket instead. One way to prevent fraud is to buy from a reputable online vendor such as Amazon. Also, watch out for Canada Goose discounts that seem exaggerated ($150 Canada Goose Jackets or lower should raise an eyebrow).