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Once Upon a time someone wanted to bring hip-hop to the Big Apple. Thus the store Jimmy Jazz was born. The merchandise carried in the store is name brand. Often the clothing and shoes created or endorsed by popular rap and hip-hop singers. Some brands include Nike, Coogi, Jordan, Pepe, and Mecca. The original store is still located on 125th street. New York, New York. However, it is easy to find Jimmy Jazz merchandise on the online store at ww.jimmyjazz.com, where you can get exlusive discounts not available offline using the Jimmy Jazz coupons found on this page.

The internet site is set up into three main categories; men, woman, and footwear. It is a simple layout but you can find what you need in just a matter of minutes, and have it ordered with just a few mouse clicks. The whole of the internet site is simple to navigate. You can just scroll trough all of your options until you find soothing to buy. It is a great way to find hottest urban merchandise without traveling all the way to New York.

The customer service for Jimmy Jazz is top notch. The internet site provides an entire Q and A section along with the phone number, e-mail, and address of the Jimmy Jazz contact center. By calling, sending a letter, or e-mailing you can get an answer to your exact question regarding prices, product availability or redeeming coupons and coupon codes. You can even speak with an actual person, unlike some places where you spend hours on hold, and speaking to machines before you hear the voice of a real person.

When you buy something from Jimmy Jazz you can even track your order. You can go into the contact us section of the website and find where your merchandise is each day. You can follow the truck until it actually reaches your house. This way you will know about how long it will take for you to receive you clothes and shoes. It also gives you an advantage of being able to snag a package without others seeing it.

You can also see how long it will take a package to get to your door with regular shipping, or with the express shipping. This is a good way to calculate when a package should arrive or which shipping service you should choose for the fastest and cheapest delivery, taking into account the many Free Shipping Jimmy Jazz coupons that are offered regularly.

You would think that name brands online would cost a small fortune. This is true for some people. Those who have a membership, coupons, or promotion codes can get the price of their merchandise dropped to an affordable rate. You can even click here for some money saving Jimmy Jazz coupons that you can use online at jimmyjazz.com with your next purchase. The coupons range from free shipping to cetain ammount off on orders starting from a particular sum.