LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Sets Review

LEGO sets are classic and very collectible, and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is a perfect match with a number of great scenes and characters to be brought to life in block form.
Here we’ll go over all of the currently available LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets, which range from simple toys to intricately designed models, for a wide range of ages and builders.

The Black Pearl

This is the ultimate symbol of the franchise, and of pirates in general. The entire ship is replicated here with a great deal of detail.
The set includes over 800 pieces, and features fabric sails, a moveable anchor, cannons, and even the captain’s cabin. There are six characters included: Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Davy Jones, Joshamee Gibbs, Maccus, and Bootstrap Bill.
It’s a moderately difficult build, and is recommended for ages 8-14.

The Captain’s Cabin

Blackbeard’s cabin is portrayed here, recreating the scene where Jack Sparrow sneaks in to steal the Ship-in-a-Bottle.
There are 95 pieces to this set, including 2 ships in a bottle and a very high quality miniature globe. Three characters include Jack Sparrow (this is probably the cheapest option for adding Captain Jack to a LEGO collection) and two generic pirates.
It’s a simple set designed for ages 6-12.

Isla De Muerta

Isla De Muerta is an intimidating place, but it makes quite a nice LEGO set. Here Captain Jack battles against Hector Barbossa to take control of the Black Pearl.
This is a 152 piece set, with a couple of cool, moving components in the form of a trap door and a large mast. Characters included are Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann, Hector Barbossa, and Barbossa in his skeletal form. Will Turner is not included in this set, however, despite being a prominent part of the scene in the film.
The Isla De Muerta set is suitable for kids ages 6-12.

Whitecap Bay

As LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets go, this is a very high quality and value. Here Captain Jack Sparrow and a couple of pirates try to capture a mermaid, while they avoid being trapped themselves.
The set includes 746 pieces, 2 rowboats (complete with oars), a cool, working lightbrick for the lighthouse, and a cannon which shoots net traps. Included characters are Jack Sparrow, Philip, Syrena, Scrum, as well as a generic pirate and mermaid.
An important note: The lighthouse is designed to fall apart easily as a part of the action, so while Whitecap Bay makes a great playset, it is less suitable for display.
This set was designed with children from 7-12 years in mind.

The Mill

In the movie, the mill featured a three-way battle between Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Admiral Norrington, which is recreated here complete with a detachable mill wheel.
There are a total of 365 pieces in this set. The wheel itself, as well as a bell tower with a rope, are cool highlights, and the Dead Man’s Chest. Jack, Will, and Admiral Norrington are included along with Hadras.
Kids from 7-14 should enjoy this set.

The Fountain of Youth

Three of the greatest pirates of all time fight for control at the fountain of youth, for the prize of immortality.
This is a 128 piece set with a few cool pieces. The fountain itself is unique, and there is a second water feature in the form a waterfall, though neither actually use water. The three included characters are Jack Sparrow, Captain Blackbeard, and Barbossa.
Suitable for kids ages 6-12.

The London Escape

In this great looking London scene, Jack Sparrow and another pirate attempt to escape and evade the king’s soldiers.
The set includes 463 pieces, with two functional horse-drawn carriages as clear standouts. It also includes a number of characters: Jack Sparrow, Joshamee Gibbs, two of the king’s soldiers, and a driver for one of the carriages.
This set was designed for ages 7-12.

The Cannibal Escape

If you thought escaping London was an interesting scene, try this. Jack and Will run for their lives here, or they’ll be eaten by cannibals.
The set’s 279 pieces include a cannibal roasting pit, hut, a very cool throne, and a cage made out of bones. Along with Jack Sparrow and Will Turner, there are two cannibal figures.
Recommended for ages 6-12.

Queen Anne’s Revenge

This is the largest and most intricate of the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets, and recreates Blackbeard’s ship from the film.
The ship includes over 1,000 pieces, including a number of adornments like bones and lanterns, large sails and three cannons. The set includes seven characters: Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard, Angelica, the Quartermaster, Chef and two generic pirates.
With 1,097 pieces and some complexity, this LEGO set is recommended for ages 9-16.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Sets

These sets are all collectible, and LEGO is always fun for all ages. If you or your children are fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, these are fantastic and high-quality sets.